Vrouw 37 jaar uit Amsterdam


She is a beautiful young woman of 37. She looks stunning – blond, European, with healthy sporty figure. She could be easily mistaken for a Scandinavian. She is calm, well-balanced and not very chatty.

She was born in Oost- Europa and got her university degree there. After she got divorced, she was offered a good job in the Netherlands. 

Since She was a child, she has been doing artistic gymnastics. Now, living in the Netherlands, she pursues her favourite sport. She takes part and wins prizes at amateur competitions. In her cosy and pastel-coloured apartment there is a place for horizontal bars to practice gymnastics. She is also into snowboarding and horse-riding.

She devotes her spare time to reading. She loves historic literature and science-fiction. Sometimes she plays piano, just to relax.

She is a university graduate. She works as a IT consultant. Her projects are scattered all around the Netherlands. Right now She is living in Amsterdam, because that is where she is officially employed.

She enjoys her financial independency and hopes to meet a man who is financially independent as well. She finds it important to retain personal space in the relationship, when both partners let each other enjoy some time on their own. She does not expect to be entertained non-stop and is not ready to devote herself to her partner at any minute of her life.

She’s background dictates, however, that the man should make the first step to approach the woman he takes interest in.

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