Woman 64 years old from Monaco

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Age: 64
Height: 1.60 meters
Weight: 60 kg
Education: Magistralis Diploma
Profession: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Divorced
Residence: Monaco
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White/Blonde

About S.

S. is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur with a wealth of life experiences and a deeply rooted passion for contemporary art and design. With a serene residence in Monaco, she embodies a blend of sophistication, independence, and a zest for life.

Personal Strengths

Described by friends and family as a pillar of constancy and cheerfulness, S. brings a unique mix of willpower, altruism, security, loyalty, sincerity, stability, fidelity, and kindness to her relationships. She is a steadfast and reliable individual who offers unwavering support and genuine affection to her loved ones.

Seeking in a Partner

S. is looking for a partner who values honesty, independence, loyalty, joy, curiosity, kindness, stability, and sincerity. She desires a mature and authentic relationship built on mutual respect and shared adventures.

Passions and Interests

A devoted collector and patron of contemporary art and design, S. finds joy in the creative expressions of modern artists. Her countryside retreat offers a perfect escape where she indulges in gardening, walking, and savoring gourmet meals both at home and in fine restaurants. An avid traveler, she enjoys exploring new cultures, relaxing by the sea, swimming, and spending time in the mountains. Visiting museums and exhibitions further fuels her passion for art and culture.

Goals and Aspirations

S. aspires to live peacefully and in harmony, sharing her life with a kindred spirit. She dreams of finding a man with whom she can grow old together, enjoying the simple pleasures and profound moments of life.

Join S. on her journey to find a meaningful and lasting connection. She is ready to share her life, passions, and dreams with someone who values the beauty of a sincere and loving partnership.

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